Interview! BreezoMeter’s CEO on COVID-19, Air Quality & the Future of Healthcare

In this 1-off exclusive interview, BreezoMeter’s CEO, Ran Korber spoke to Dr. Jeremy Weisz of Inspired Insider about his personal experience with COVID-19, BreezoMeter’s healthcare mission and the personal backstory behind the company.

What’s in the Interview?

  • Ran discusses his own experience with COVID-19 severe symptoms.
  • The personal family story behind BreezoMeter’s establishment — a career in environmental engineering, asthma and pregnancy.
  • The global air quality crisis we all face today & the vital importance of managing our exposure to harmful air pollution.
  • How Ran & Co-founder Emil Fisher present the perfect partnership – & established a team of experts in atmospheric science and AI to deliver the worlds most accurate real-time air quality information today.
  • How BreezoMeter strategically pivoted to meet the demand for air quality data from the healthcare industry since the COVID-19 pandemic began.
  • The longer-term impact of COVID-19 for air pollution awareness & commercial markets.

About Inspired Insider

Established by Dr Jeremy Weisz himself, Inspired Insider offers a collection of high-profile interviews with inspiring business founders and leaders, delivered in the form of a highly popular, regular podcast series.

Over the last 10 years, past guests have included founders of P90X, Atari, Big League Chew, RX Bars, Zapier, and more.

Webcast Indoor Living in Time of Covid
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Amalia Helen

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