BreezoMeter's Air Quality Index: A Global Solution, Street-level Resolution

BreezoMeter Air Quality Index Gradient

While we now offer many product features, from pollen counts to 4 day forecasting, the BreezoMeter Air Quality Index remains our core feature, included in all plans and used by almost all of our clients. 

How, and why, did we come up with and establish this global, unified approach? 

Variations in National Air Quality Indexes (AQIs)

Almost every country in the world calculates an Air Quality Index (AQI) - a scale of numbers that represents the current or daily air quality levels in different areas. AQIs are based on local air quality standards and pollutant concentrations, specific to each country.

For example, while in US standards 54 ppb (parts per billion) of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) gas defines moderate air quality (1 hour average), in Israel 250 ppb of NO2 defines the same AQI (30 min average). Moreover while the United States defines six different levels of AQI, Israel defines four, and Hong Kong five (see below).

Hong Kong Air Quality Index

Hong Kong Air Quality Index

European Common Air Quality Index (CAQI)

What can multinational companies do, when their products and brands cross borders? How can they work with different indexes, and still provide a seamless user experience?


As a result of all of the individual country AQIs, there is a great variety of "air quality languages." Each AQI of each country, can be different and that can be quite confusing for end users, as well as complex in terms of product development. For this reason, BreezoMeter created a new, unique and uniform air quality index – the Breezometer AQI, BAQI, that provides a clear and intuitive way to read and understand real-time air quality information. If you want to compare air quality where you are, versus where you are planning your vacation, or where your relatives live, or where there are news reports of critically bad air pollution, you want to see all of the measures on the same scale.

Introducing the BAQI

Breezometer Air Quality Index, BAQI, was developed based on academic research, national AQIs, and other important considerations. The BAQI scale goes from 0 = "poor" to 100 = "excellent" with 5 color-coded categories of equal lengths, as you can see below:

BreezoMeter Air Quality Index Gradient

BreezoMeter's Air Quality Index (BAQI)

The efforts to build a worldwide air quality index have contributed to our customers' satisfaction, who are able to display our global BAQI, &/or national or local air quality indexes, as we always provide both, in each and every country we cover.


We partnered with BreezoMeter for their unparalled accuracy, ability to scale globally, and simple-to-use API.

Jeffery Johnson, Director of Global Digital Marketing | Dermalogica

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This post was originally published December 2014, updated May 2017 and March 2018.


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