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BreezoMeter's Global Air Quality Index: Real-time & Street-level Data

BreezoMeter Air Quality Index Gradient

We offer a number of different environmental data related products at BreezoMeter, from pollen count forecasting to active fire alerts. However our highly-accurate, real-time and street-level Global Air Quality Reporting, available by API and live map. remains our core feature.

 Our team of expert scientists and data specialists pioneered the first truly global air quality index (BAQI).  The question is how, and why did we need to come up with this global and unified approach to reporting on air quality?


No National Air Quality Index is the Same


Almost every country in the world calculates their Air Quality Index or (AQI) -differently. National AQIs are based on local air quality standards and pollutant concentrations that are completely country-specific. 

For example, while in US standards 54 parts per billion of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) gas defines moderate air quality (1 hour average), in Israel 250 parts per billion of NO2 defines the same AQI (30 min average).  In addition, while the United States defines six different levels of AQI, Israel defines four, and Hong Kong five (see below).

Hong Kong AQI

Hong Kong AQI

Hong Kong Air Quality Index

European AQI


European Common Air Quality Index (CAQI)



National AQIs Speak Different Languages


All this variation means it's virtually impossible to compare like for like between countries.

For global businesses looking to make use of the accurate air quality data, it's virtually impossible to combine all the different indexes in an understandable way. This is why we created the BreezoMeter Global AQI.  We realized the need for a  clear and intuitive way to read and understand air quality information, wherever a person is in the world. 

How BreezoMeter's Global Air Quality Index Works


Our Breezometer Air Quality Index, 'BAQI', was developed based on academic research, National AQIs and more.  

The BAQI scale ranges from 0 = "poor" to 100 = "excellent" with 5 color-coded categories of equal lengths, as you can see below:

BAQI Scale - BreezoMeter Global Air Quality Index

BreezoMeter's Air Quality Index (BAQI)


For individuals planning a vacation or wanting to check the air quality at a certain destination location, the BreezoMeter Global AQI, also available by app, is now the easiest, and most accurate, way to get this information.

If you still want to receive air quality information according to your country's local AQI - we also provide this. You just now also have an option to successfully compare different locations, which we think is helpful. We also think the scale of 1-100 is intuitive for a lot of people!


We partnered with BreezoMeter for their unparalled accuracy, ability to scale globally, and simple-to-use API.

Jeffery Johnson, Director of Global Digital Marketing | Dermalogica


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