BreezoMeter Provides Outdoor Environmental Intelligence for Better In-Cabin Air Quality for Volvo Cars

BreezoMeter will now offer car passengers another layer of protection from outdoor pollution, through real-time updates about their exposure to hazardous air quality. The company delivers micro-local environmental intelligence (within 5 meters of the driver) through the vehicle’s HMI (human-machine interface).

Passengers can then use these updates to find alternative routes and make other informed decisions to decrease their exposure to toxic air, such as when to open and close windows.

Traffic has a disproportionately negative impact on air quality. In fact, in a study conducted by the University of Leeds, drivers were found to be exposed to higher levels of air pollution while on the road than cyclists, pedestrians, or bus passengers. The air quality in traffic is especially toxic considering the presence of the pollutant PM2.5–particulate matter that is small enough to enter people’s respiratory systems unnoticed, posing serious short-term and long-term health risks. As awareness of their exposure to toxins grows, drivers are more likely to demand air quality treatment solutions and in-cabin contamination prevention in the vehicles they purchase.

Volvo Cars has provided car owners with its Advanced Air Cleaner (AAC) technology, that cleans out fine particulate matter from the cabin, as well as notifies the driver of the PM2.5 levels in the car.

With the integration of BreezoMeter’s air quality data, drivers of Volvo cars can also monitor the air quality outside of the car. Drivers now have access to the highest accuracy air quality intelligence, not only within the cabin but also outdoors, in real-time, while in any location. This information enables drivers to compare outside and inside air quality, as well as how well Volvo Cars’ systems clean the cabin. All of this results in even more informed daily driving decisions and a way for drivers to directly optimize the quality of the air inside their car, reduce their exposure to air pollution, and minimize related adverse health effects.

About Our Technology

In order to provide the most high-resolution and real-time air quality information, we take into account multiple data sources of air pollution information, including more than 47,000 local sensors worldwide, satellites, governmental authorities, traffic and meteorological data, and more. It then deploys specialized algorithms and machine-learning techniques to assess and report on the air quality in any given location. and follows a strict QA process before reporting to the user. All of this ensures the highest level of accuracy available on the market today.

Live outdoor environmental intelligence at this level of accuracy and granularity has the potential to improve both the driver and passenger experience, by providing a means to prevent in-cabin contamination in the first place. Alongside forecast information for both air pollution and pollen, drivers are now able to receive personalized navigation suggestions For example, drivers are able to choose the cleanest route to their destination based on knowing where there is poor air quality, high pollen levels, and/or fire hazards along the way to their destination. Drivers can also respond to air quality alerts by activating the in-cabin air purification system or even simply closing the windows.

“This project is a great example of how the automotive industry can fully realize the potential of BreezoMeter’s environmental intelligence in pursuit of limiting car owners and customers’ exposure to poor air quality caused by pollution,” said Ran Korber, CEO of BreezoMeter. “Volvo is not only informing drivers of exposure to poor air quality; they’re also empowering them to do something about it. The combination of our outdoor air quality information and Volvo Cars’ innovative, cabin air monitoring and cleaning solutions allows for more informed decision making and healthier lifestyle choices.”

Environmental Intelligence for Cars
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itai Rosenzweig
Itai Rosenzweig

Director of Sales & Strategic Alliances @BreezoMeter.