BreezoMeter Launches New Personal Pollution Exposure Page!

Our air quality live map and mobile app already provides real-time information for one location at a time, but understanding longer-term pollution exposure impact is also important. We know many of our users also want to understand the impact of air pollution on their health over long periods of time.

What You Can Do with the Personal Pollution Exposure Page 

It’s common for many of us to spend a lot of time in a handful of particular locations on a regular basis due to the repeatable nature of our daily routine  – e.g.heading to the office, dropping kids off at school, or heading to the gym.

Once signed in to your BreezoMeter user area, you can select your favorite locations to track (if you haven’t subscribed yet, you’ll see more limited features).

Here’s a more detailed run-through of what the tool offers:

1. Track the most & least polluted hours of your day 

Personal Pollution Exposure

2. Compare different periods of air pollution exposure over longer periods of time – such as days and weeks

Personal Pollution Exposure

3. View a detailed breakdown of your PM2.5, PM10 & N02 pollution exposure history

breakdown of pollution exposure

4. Understand your short-term & long-term air pollution exposure as defined by the World Health Organization 

Receive personalized insights and tips for reducing and managing exposure
to air pollution over time.

Personal Pollution Exposure

Check Out The New Features!

You can start testing out some of these new features by heading over to our Personal Exposure Tracker here.  With our premium air quality map subscription service, you can gain access to all these features on an unlimited basis. 

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