BreezoMeter Joins Climate Savers Week: A Matter of Life & Breath

Global Climate Savers Week is soon upon us! BreezoMeter’s own US Head of Growth, Paul Walsh, is set to participate in this year’s remarkable online networking event, and trust us when we say: you wouldn’t want to miss all the valuable insights and potential collaboration opportunities.

What is Global Climate Savers Week?

Founded by business developer Ian Kaplan, Global Climate Savers Week is an online virtual exhibition and networking platform that seeks to accelerate diverse and sustainable climate solutions by facilitating multi-stakeholder partnerships in various related fields.

Climate Savers enables everyone from startups and investors to conglomerates and trade groups to connect for a wide range of mission-focused purposes including business cooperation, investment, R&D development, and more.

The platform will consist of online live events highlighting climate change-related topics with an always-open virtual networking hub.

BreezoMeter’s Contribution To The Conversation

As a global health-focused company, we support the growth of this international community and find great value in connecting with world-leading experts in such relevant fields as environment, climate, and healthcare to better our offerings and further our mission to improve the lives of billions worldwide.

Hailing from “the realm” of air pollution awareness and health, BreezoMeter’s US Head of Growth and weather industry vet Paul Walsh will be joining the event on October 25th (US).

Paul will participate in the opening event – “12 Fields of Opportunities for Climate Change Cooperation – Americas”, which includes ​2 sessions with different speakers, followed by an open moderated discussion.

Paul will host the segment Weather & Health “A Matter of Life and Breath”, highlighting air pollution as the biggest environmental threat to public health and explaining how personalized AI-driven environmental intelligence can revolutionize different industries and improve countless lives.

What Kinds of Topics Will Be Covered Throughout the Week?

Climate change touches every aspect of our lives, and as such, participants come from a plethora of industries and organizations to learn about different impacts and discuss innovative concepts and ideas with potential multi-industry solutions.

Climate Savers Week focuses on twelve prominent fields connected to global climate change and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Manufacturing Promote sustainable, environmentally friendly development of economic growth and employment through resilient infrastructure that fosters innovation and improves resource efficiency.
  • Food Growth and Distribution – Workable solutions to end world hunger and achieve global food security while promoting more productive agriculture with better resilience to extreme climate and weather such as drought, flooding, and natural disasters.
  • Clean EnergyEnsure access to affordable and reliable modern energy sources for all nations. Enhance international and promote investment in energy-efficient infrastructure and clean energy technology.
  • MobilityImprove city planning and transportation systems on suburban and international scales to create safer, more inclusive, and sustainable travel methods.
  • Building and Cities – Make cities and other human settlements more hospitable and sustainable by reducing negative environmental impacts per capita and optimizing air quality and waste management.
  • Water Management – Protect and improve availability, quality, use efficiency, and sustainable management of sanitary water for human consumption on a global scale.
  • Hydrogen Transition and Carbon Reduction – Combat climate change impact by popularizing hydrogen and fuel cell technology to transition to cleaner, low-carbon energy systems more adaptive to climate and weather hazards.
  • Ecosystem Management – Take urgent action to reduce natural habitat degradation and promote sustainable use of seas, oceans, and terrestrial ecosystems. Reverse land degradation, stop biodiversity loss.
  • Increasing Climate Awareness – Shed more light on climate change while pushing for more sustainable lifestyles, technology, and infrastructure development.
  • Financial Services – Strengthen domestic financial institution capacities to create more inclusive access to banking, insurance, and financial services.
  • Health Improvements – Advocate for healthier lifestyles and promote health-focused education for all ages. Strengthen global capacity for early warning, risk reduction, and management of public health risks.
  • Social Change – Strive for the propagation of more peaceful and inclusive societies focusing on bridging community gaps and creating more inclusive economics, politics, and social relations.

Needless to say, we’re extremely excited about this important opportunity, and would love to see many old and new faces there!

Join us at the event by registering here:

Paul Walsh Speaks about Weather and Health
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