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BreezoMeter is heading to Tokyo, for Plug and Play Japan!

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By Ziv Lautman on November, 8 2017

We’re so excited to be participating in Japan’s Plug and Play program over the next four months in Tokyo, Japan.

Having participated in the Plug and Play IoT program in the Silicon Valley in 2016, BreezoMeter has learned how to make the most out of this amazing opportunity as well.

Expanding to Asia

The event comes at a great time for BreezoMeter, as we are expanding our customer base in Asia. Asia has been struggling with high air pollution levels since the 1990’s, and the world is learning that air pollution knows no boundaries. This is to say that air pollution from one country can easily drift and affect other countries - even an ocean away. Pollution from several Asian countries has for years wafted over the Pacific Ocean, increasing ground level ozone levels in western regions of the US. This is just one example. Of course, there are many more, such as pollution from China reaching Northern Japan.

What can BreezoMeter offer Asia in general, and Japan in particular? A lot!

First, the vast majority of air pollution data available today in Asia is station based, meaning users can only get air quality data from the nearest monitoring station, often several kilometers away. BreezoMeter provides the power of real-time, accurate and location specific data, at the user’s location.

Second, BreezoMeter brings some powerful features, like real-time pollution heat-maps, 4-day forecast, information about 17 different pollutants and more.

Third, the BreezoMeter API enables companies to reach the global market with one API key. BreezoMeter currently supports more than 67 countries worldwide, meaning companies who integrate BreezoMeter's air pollution data enjoy global coverage with one simple API integration.

Lastly, BreezoMeter doesn’t stop with air quality. We also provide pollen information in 33 countries, including Japan. In Japan 20% of the population have pollen allergies, which negatively affects people’s wellness. Japan’s homogenous forests of Japanese Cedars, dating back to post World War II, are a major source of pollen. BreezoMeter’s Pollen API enables companies to help their users track pollen levels, take necessary action and make better decisions.

Check out our pitch to Plug and Play Japan, including slides in Japanese:

Get in touch (もっと知る 世界で最も正確な空気質の分析プログラム )

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