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BreezoMeter and Current, powered by GE, Illuminate the Environmental Potential of Smart Cities

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By Ziv Lautman on April, 25 2016

Today we are announcing a partnership with GE's energy startup Current, powered by GE to help cities understand traffic's impact on air quality, right down to a street level.

As part of the collaboration, environmental data from BreezoMeter's software platform is paired with traffic insights from Current's intelligent LED infrastructure, arming cities with overlapping trends and patterns and giving planners actionable analytics to influence city mapping and climate-change initiatives.

We're excited to partner with a company like Current who is leading the way in intelligent infrastructure. This just further demonstrates the ways in which smart cities can work on many different levels to improve the wellbeing of their populations. Something as simple as a streetlamp can play a key role in expanding the number data points in a city and therefore delivering the most accurate air quality data possible.

"The next wave of Intelligent Cities will be led by those who embrace digital infrastructure and empower citizens and partners to innovate and create for the benefit of the entire community," says John Gordon, Chief Digital Officer, Current, powered by GE. "Intelligent LEDs provide the foundation for that innovation and partnerships like this one help cities protect and improve the quality of life for residents."

Using BreezoMeter's software platform, smart cities are able to access the most accurate and actionable information they need to make informed decisions around air quality in their areas. The software could, for instance, identify pollution events, provide alerts and predictions as to where pollution is likely to reach, therefore enabling city officials to strategically limit, reroute or optimize traffic in those areas. BreezoMeter's technology will also offer citizens intuitive, actionable insights informing them of which outdoor activities are suitable for the current air quality level.

The partnership will be on display with demonstrations at Current's booth at Lightfair at the San Diego Convention Center on April 26 – 28.

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