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HELLA & BreezoMeter Introduce: Air Quality Management System for Vehicles

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By Itai Rosenzweig on September, 20 2017

Inner-cabin pollution levels during rush-hour can be twice as high as the ambient air¹, in fact car pasesengers face worst air quality than cyclist & pedestrians on the same street².   

Do you know how clean the air is inside your car? Not many people do which is why, during the recent IAA, we announced the first cloud-based air quality management system for vehicles, together with the lighting and electronics expert company - HELLA.

The cloud-based air quality management system for vehicles is part of a strategic partnership between the two companies. The objective of the cooperation is to create reliable real-time data on the air quality in and around the vehicle and to make this data available to the passengers. Further, the cooperation intends to provide personalized solutions for an active health management based on this cloud-based technology. 

Thanks to this unique partnership, car makers can now offer their customers a healthier navigation, cleaner in-cabin air, and meaningful information and recommendations about real-time and destination air quality, in-cabin and outside the vehicle. 

Here's how your next vehicle could protect your health:


The products has two main components:
1) PM2.5 sensor - HELLA has developed a sensor that measures the level of particulate matter in the vehicle interior as well as in the ambient air in real time.
2) BreezoMeter Data & Cloud - The data from the sensor is enriched with information from BreezoMeter on additional pollutants (such as carbon monoxide (CO), ozone (O3), sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and PM10).  Thanks to the cloud solution, over 1.6 TB of BreezoMeter data is validated and organized every hour, 7.1 billion compound calculations are performed and 420 million geographical data points with air quality information are being generated. The forecasted air quality data is transmitted to the vehicle through an interface, processed centrally within the vehicle and then displayed in the vehicle's information system.

The combination of millions of sensors installed in cars, together with the cloud,  will make it possible to create the most detailed map for air quality in the near future.

Dr. Rolf Breidenbach HELLA's CEO + Ran Korber BreezoMeter CEO on Stage at IAA.jpg

Dr. Rolf Breidenbach, HELLA CEO, and Ran Korber, BreezoMeter CEO, presenting the partnership on stage at IAA

When pollution inside a car tends to be much worse than outside, when 92% of the world population lives in areas with pollution levels above the WHO guidelines, automotive brands offering a comprehensive and integrated solution to air pollution will be gaining a competitive advantage and delight current and potential customers. 

Discover what the new partnership between HELLA & BreezoMeter brings to the automotive industry:Learn more about this air quality management system for vehicles 

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