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Ran Korber

CEO & Co-founder at @BreezoMeter. My burning ambition is to improve the health and quality of life for billions of people across the globe by providing accurate and actionable air quality data. As co-founder and CEO at BreezoMeter, I'm proud to be able to work towards bringing my dream to fruition each day.
The 5 Meter Data Launch! BreezoMeter Revolutionizes Air Quality Reporting
By Ran Korber on May 6, 2020

From today, we’re providing real-time air quality information at an astonishing resolution of 5 meters. In real terms, this means we now provide air...

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What Do Air Pollution Levels Tell Us About Urban Life & COVID-19 Lockdowns?
By Ran Korber on March 24, 2020

During mandatory lockdowns, some of the busiest cities around the world have become quieter than they have done in a generation. Many people have...

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BreezoMeter's COVID-19 Think Tank & Business Continuity Response
By Ran Korber on March 23, 2020

The whole team at BreezoMeter has been shocked and appalled by the scale of the COVID-19 impact around the world. We wanted to reassure all of our...

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Severe Coronavirus & Poor Air Quality Could be Linked
By Ran Korber on March 19, 2020

The Coronavirus, now referred to as COVID-19, has been declared an official pandemic. At the time of writing, the virus has spread to 176 countries ...

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Are Our Indoor Spaces Prepared for a Coronavirus Outbreak?
By Ran Korber on March 4, 2020

As the Coronavirus continues to spread globally, new and interesting questions are being raised around our existing indoor air quality solutions and...

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BreezoMeter Wins Prestigious EU Horizon 2020 Grant to Advance Air Quality Research
By Ran Korber on February 20, 2020

Haifa, Israel –(BUSINESS WIRE) — BreezoMeter has won sought after funding & endorsement from the EU’s Horizon 2020 Research & Innovation programme....

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Air Pollution on a Rainy Day: Understanding Weather & Air Quality
By Ran Korber on December 30, 2019

While the sources of air pollution themselves can be man-made (car traffic and industrial activity) or natural (pollen and bushfires) , weather can...

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The Effect of Air Pollution on National Economic Health
By Ran Korber on December 12, 2019

This piece is based on the recent article published in Japanese in the Nikkei Asian Review by Nihon Keizai on November 27th, 2019. You can also...

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