Paul Walsh Weather Man

Paul Walsh

Previously at IBM and The Weather Company, I have decades of experience in helping large consumer businesses re-imagine how they systemically leverage weather and climate data in both supply and demand chain systems -- creating integrated enterprise processes that are more responsive and more resilient in the face of increasingly impactful weather conditions. My observations have been featured in the US on The Weather Channel and CNBC, & I've been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, and The New York Times. Connect with me!
Wildfire Prediction

How Do Wildfires Start & Can We Predict Them?

As climate change makes annual wildfire seasons longer and more devastating, predicting when and where these disastrous blazes will spread has become crucial. But is it actually possible to do this? How can wildfires be predicted?

Historical Environmental Data for Demand Planning & Forecasting

As the global climate becomes more unpredictable, certain types of businesses can find planning and sales forecasting more difficult. Luckily, companies can now leverage location-based historical environmental data to analyze consumer buying behaviors and other patterns in correlation with changes…