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Mordechai Tenzer

Product Content Manager @ BreezoMeter Passionate about creating meaningful content that can ultimately help improve the quality of people’s lives.
BreezoMeter Launches New Personal Pollution Exposure Page!
By Mordechai Tenzer on January 3, 2022

Our air quality live map and mobile app already provides real-time information for one location at a time, but understanding longer-term pollution...

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How to Build a Great Air Quality App: Lessons Learnt
By Mordechai Tenzer on November 22, 2021

BreezoMeter's air quality app is used everyday by users all around the world. It also ranks as one of the highest in the air quality app categories...

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Air Quality Data Can Help Protect Children from Pollution Exposure
By Mordechai Tenzer on September 5, 2019

Children can boost their mental and physical health by spending time outside, but with air pollution worsening near schools, local governments need...

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When Buying a Home, Air Quality Can’t Be Ignored
By Mordechai Tenzer on July 23, 2019

Understanding the air quality around a home can help you protect your family from a host of pollution-related health risks.

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Sports, Air Quality: The Undeniable Connection
By Mordechai Tenzer on December 13, 2016

You’ve guessed it already: air quality is one of those elements you want to check before working out or doing any sports. I’m basing this article on...

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