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Itai Rosenzweig

Director of Sales & Strategic Alliances @BreezoMeter.
No Longer 'Just' a Car? Automotive Leaders Add New Layers of Digital Experience
By Itai Rosenzweig on October 28, 2021

We're excited to share our dedicated new guide for automotive professionals! It covers the unique ways automotive brands are leveraging...

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BreezoMeter Provides Outdoor Environmental Intelligence for Better In-Cabin Air Quality for Volvo Cars
By Itai Rosenzweig on October 7, 2021

BreezoMeter today announces its work with Volvo Cars.  BreezoMeter will now offer car passengers another layer of protection from outdoor pollution,...

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Case Study: Blueair Air Purifier Makes Air Pollution Visible
By Itai Rosenzweig on March 14, 2021

How do you sell a solution to an invisible threat? By helping your target market see it. This is one of the strategies Blueair has chosen to boost...

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Sick Building Syndrome Will Be Taken More Seriously Post-Pandemic
By Itai Rosenzweig on January 13, 2021

Sick Building Syndrome is a real and very expensive global reality. We explore its causes & impact, and explain why global leaders and businesses are...

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BreezoMeter Delivers Air Quality Data to Yahoo Weather App Users Around the World
By Itai Rosenzweig on January 6, 2021

BreezoMeter -- the leading provider of Health Focused Environment Intelligence --announced a partnership with Verizon Media -- a leader in...

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Bosch Sensortec & BreezoMeter Present PM2.5 Sensor Technology at Startup Autobahn Expo 8
By Itai Rosenzweig on November 7, 2020

In the recent huge Startup Autobahn Expo8, a unique live event with an impact far reaching the virtual realm, we were excited to join the innovative...

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Tata Motors and TMETC Engage BreezoMeter in Mission to Enhance the Future of In-Cabin Pollution Management
By Itai Rosenzweig on August 13, 2020

Three businesses within the Tata Group have entered into a partnership with air quality data specialists BreezoMeter, allowing drivers to make...

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HELLA & BreezoMeter Introduce: Air Quality Management System for Vehicles
By Itai Rosenzweig on September 20, 2017

Inner-cabin pollution levels during rush-hour can be twice as high as the ambient air¹, in fact car pasesengers face worst air quality than cyclist &...

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