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Daniel Leveson

Content Writer @ BreezoMeter. A staunch believer in the power of using environmental technologies to solve public health problems on a global scale.
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Driving Business Growth with Environmental Data

What can companies do with new forms of actionable environmental data and what genuine value can it bring? We discuss how leveraging environmental data as a business creates major opportunities for growth, keeping brands top of mind for consumers, and…

Woman With Seasonal Allergies

Allergy Awareness Week: Guide For Businesses

While people living with allergies are unlikely to need a reminder of this, allergy awareness week helps draw attention to a condition that a large part of our global population contends with daily. From the perspective of businesses and organizations,…

8 Amazing Things Pollen Data Can Tell You

As our climate continues to change, pollen seasons are becoming stronger and longer, impacting allergy sufferers more than ever. Luckily, advancements in pollen monitoring, powered by new methods of sophisticated modeling and big data, have enabled major breakthroughs in pollen…