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Amit Lesman

Director of B2B products at BreezoMeter. I define the B2B product vision & roadmap based on market needs while connecting the dots for different stakeholders, creating mockups and designs with the UX/UI teams, writing specs, (business & technical), and finally leading dev teams to the right execution. Can it get more fascinating than that?
BreezoMeter Launches History Plus: Don't Forget the Past, Learn from It!
By Amit Lesman on February 16, 2022

BreezoMeter’s History Plus offers historical data using the same accurate and granular environmental data format as our APIs such as air quality,...

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BreezoMeter's Health-Focused Environmental Intelligence Platform [Guide]
By Amit Lesman on February 3, 2022

We designed our Health-focused Environmental Intelligence platform to make it easier than ever for businesses to warn and protect customers from...

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BreezoMeter’s New Live Wildfire Tracking: Revolutionizing Fire Monitoring!
By Amit Lesman on August 26, 2021

We’re incredibly excited to announce the official release of our Wildfire Tracker: New revolutionary environmental monitoring technology which...

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5 Things You Can Do With BreezoMeter's API Dashboard
By Amit Lesman on July 19, 2021

Whether you’re an existing customer or a business interested in trying out BreezoMeter’s environmental APIs, our dedicated Dashboard provides access...

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When Timely Information Can Save Lives: BreezoMeter's Wildfires API
By Amit Lesman on August 27, 2020

Our experienced scientists at BreezoMeter have developed a comprehensive and unified Wildfires API to address the growing threat of rapidly spreading...

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