Amit Lesman

Amit Lesman

Director of B2B products at BreezoMeter. I define the B2B product vision & roadmap based on market needs while connecting the dots for different stakeholders, creating mockups and designs with the UX/UI teams, writing specs, (business & technical), and finally leading dev teams to the right execution. Can it get more fascinating than that?
Cleanest Route Insights

BreezoMeter Launches Cleanest Route Insights!

We are extremely proud to announce the long-awaited launch of our Cleanest Route Insights. Thanks to BreezoMeter’s unique ability to map air pollution at a highly granular level in real-time, individuals will now be able to dodge air pollution while…

Images of Extreme Weather Events Including Wildfire

BreezoMeter Launches Historical Insights

BreezoMeter’s Historical Insights offers historical data using the same accurate and granular environmental data format as our APIs such as air quality, pollen, and weather – with a historical perspective. No matter what the topic, one timeless truism is that…