Amalia Helen

Amalia Helen

Content Lead @BreezoMeter. Passionate about environmental issues and the power of IoT, big data and connected technologies to solve the big problems of our day. Drop me a line by email or connect on LinkedIn.

BreezoMeter Wins Red Herring 100 Awards

*Update: BreezoMeter won the Red Herring award for the 2nd time in 2020! See the latest coverage here. It’s official! BreezoMeter is a Red Herring Europe Top 100 Winner, for 2019! After two successful rounds, including a written application, and…

Woman With Seasonal Allergies: How To Understand Pollen Data

Mapping Allergies: Innovation in Pollen Data

What if there were a way to reduce the negative impact of seasonal allergies, just by knowing what is in the air? What if you could reduce allergy attacks or asthma attacks, by avoiding dangerous situations, that previously had been…