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Amalia Helen

Content Lead @BreezoMeter. Passionate about environmental issues and the power of IoT, big data and connected technologies to solve the big problems of our day. Drop me a line by email or connect on LinkedIn.
Air Pollution Impact on COVID-19 Mortality Shocks Scientists
By Amalia Helen on April 20, 2020

Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, a connection between air pollution and COVID-19 severity had been suspected but not proven. In the first...

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Taisho Pharmaceutical Helps Japan's Pollen Allergy Sufferers Cope
By Amalia Helen on March 31, 2020

Using BreezoMeter’s live pollen information, Taisho Pharmaceutical has launched a brand new (and free) pollen tracker, providing Japan's allergy...

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The Science Behind Environmental Data: Your Questions Answered
By Amalia Helen on July 18, 2019

As a leading environmental data company, we get a lot of questions about the information we provide at BreezoMeter and the sources we use to do it.

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How Air Quality Data Empowers Device Personalization
By Amalia Helen on July 1, 2019

Staying relevant in today’s crowded marketplace is no easy task, but real-time air quality data can help your brand stand out by meeting the growing...

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The Devil We Know: How Understanding Air Pollution Helps People Get Outside and Breathe Easy
By Amalia Helen on June 23, 2019

Many factors can increase pollution levels, but access to street-level air quality data can empower people to stay safe while outside.

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