Amalia Helen

Amalia Helen

Content Lead @BreezoMeter. Passionate about environmental issues and the power of IoT, big data and connected technologies to solve the big problems of our day. Drop me a line by email or connect on LinkedIn.

How Weather Apps will Change in 2022

As extreme weather events increase in frequency as a result of climate change, providers of weather information are increasingly expected to function like ‘news’ agencies or ‘alert’ systems for any environmental event. Why We Now Expect More From Weather Apps…

Woman Wearing A Mask In Air Pollution

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Air Quality Data

As the world’s air pollution problem receives wider public attention, location-based and timely air quality data has emerged as a leading tool for businesses looking to engage and protect their consumer audiences. But how exactly is air quality monitored? How…

Weather API Solution

How to Choose the best Weather API

Whether you’re building an app, looking to add weather data to your software platform, or looking to develop a connected product, you may have different needs and requirements from a Weather API. We’ve put together this guide to help you…