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Case Study: Asthma, Digital Health & Air Quality Data

Sophie Gallet
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LifeMap Solutions and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai joined forces to develop the Asthma Health app. Part of Apple’s Research Kit, the application helps asthma patients understand, learn and monitor their health and asthma condition. It helps them adopt positive behavioral changes, and keep up with treatment plans.

It didn’t stop here. App users also took part in a large-scale medical research that included 8,600 patients. Researchers studied patterns and triggers leading to asthma attacks with the objective to develop customized asthma treatments.

LifeMap Solutions decided to make BreezoMeter its air quality data provider. Relevant air pollution information and advanced air quality features were implemented to increase study participants engagement and make the tool as useful for them as possible.

Discover the implemented AQ features, their impact on app users, as well as the reasons that motivated LifeMap Solutions to choose BreezoMeter. 

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BreezoMeter’s enhanced air quality data enables patients and providers to better identify environmental triggers in our ResearchKit mHealth app, Asthma Health

Corey Bridge, CEO at LifeMap Solutions

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