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BreezoMeter: Airnow for Businesses

Ran Korber
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Air pollution is a growing concern for people and governments around the world. The need for better information led the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to create Airnow, an air quality monitor that brings accurate air quality information to the public, free of charge.

Airnow is an excellent free solution for those wanting to know more about their regional air quality at a high level or build simple applications & websites for air quality information. But businesses need a more complete package of information and services. Here are a few things that make BreezoMeter the best solution for businesses looking for air quality data.

1. Street-level Accuracy

Many services do a great job at offering regional air quality readings. But those readings can come from the nearest monitoring station, sometimes 50 miles away, or from very basic interpolation, therefore making it not relevant to your clients needs. Today’s customers want real time, location based data, that is relevant to their situation.

air pollution map & other AQI features.jpgBreezoMeter's hyperlocal air quality data

Since air quality can change drastically from one city block to the next, the weather outside your client’s door could actually be different than what they see on their screen.

Thanks to big data & proprietary algorithms, BreezoMeter’s air quality API is hyperlocal, providing readings down to the city block, meaning customers will have accurate data about the air right outside their home. By providing them data this accurate, you’re helping customers make real health decisions, allowing them to foster trust in your brand and to building your brand image with every use.

2. Your One-Stop-Shop for Air Quality Data

There’s a lot that can affect what’s in your air. BreezoMeter takes it all into account, going beyond the usual data from monitoring stations. Sure, we use that too, but we also factor in things like:

  • Quality assurance algorithm for the air monitoring station data
  • Wind & Weather
  • Pollution Causing Events
  • Traffic Conditions

And then some, giving your clients a truly accurate reading on their local air quality. This is why you might notice a difference between our readings and those from your local monitoring station.

We also offer readings on local pollen counts, because as anyone with allergies will tell you, pollen can seriously impact your health. Our pollen updates are easy to read, informing users which types of pollen are most present, plus when and where pollen counts are highest.

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BreezoMeter even offers forecasts for an area’s air quality, along with air quality history, allowing users to make informed decisions about where to spend their time, where to avoid, and even where to live.

3. User Friendly and Packed with Advice

Our API offers local, color coded maps to show which areas are most affected by pollution. We also show users which pollutants are most dominant in their area, helping them protect family members with sensitivities or pre-existing conditions. If your customers are driving, you can use our data to offer advice on which route to take, so they can avoid the most polluted areas.

Our air quality API offers practical, easy to follow recommendations to help safeguard your customer’s health, letting them know when it’s safe to exercise outdoors, when to take it easy, and when they’d be better off staying indoors with an air purifier.

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4. Expert Support, Expert Knowledge

When you use BreezoMeter, you’ve got a team of industry experts behind you. We offer ongoing 24/7 support for your business, to make sure your clients are satisfied and are getting the best user experience possible.

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5. 99.9% SLA

Sensor shutdowns are common, ranging for a few hours in general to a few days occasionally. BreezoMeter uses a combination of layered data sets, together with proprietary air pollution dispersion algorithms and backup algorithms to give you and your users peace of mind, while also maintaining a high level of accuracy. We guarantee our customers continuous & accurate air quality readings even if the governmental data is unavailable.

6. World Coverage for Global Needs

So far we’re up and running in 67 countries, and growing fast. We’re helping brands like Dyson, Eureka Forbes, and others to engage their clients, drive sales, and provide lasting value for their users, all over the world. And the best part? One API gives you access to all of this.

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7. The Right Solution for Businesses

Airnow offers much needed air quality insights, and is a pioneer institution for air quality monitoring. It’s a good free option for many developers, students & individuals. 

For businesses that need hyperlocal readings in 67 countries, ongoing expert service, actionable health advice for users, and detailed pollution maps, BreezoMeter is ready to help.

Learn more or get started with BreezoMeter Air Quality Services 

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