Case Study: Blueair Air Purifier Makes Air Pollution Visible

How do you sell a solution to an invisible threat? By helping your target market see it. This is one of the strategies Blueair has chosen to boost sales and increase product reach. With the Air View maps and its connected air purifier app Blueair Friend, Unilever’s Blue Air underlines the value of its air purifiers.

Read the Blueair Case Study

Learn how Blueair makes invisible pollution dramatically visible in a highly innovative way with our dedicated case study.

Seeing Pollution Up Close with Air View

If your customers could put on a pair of glasses that literally showed up all the pollution around them, how eye-opening would the results be? Blueair’s innovative Air View map website allows visitors to do just that, and the results are startling.

Developing the Air View Solution

It was important to Blueair that their users receive truly real-time and hyper-local air quality information through their live Air View and connected app. For this reason, they wanted to avoid using ‘nearest station’ models which rely solely on data from the nearest air quality monitoring stations: A nearest station model would mean users received pollution information from air quality monitoring stations sometimes dozens of kilometers away. This was simply not a good enough fit for Blueair’s innovative Air View project, so they turned to BreezoMeter.

Creating the Blueair Friend App 

Blueair keeps users informed about air pollution through the  Blueair Friend App. The app keeps informed of air quality levels in real-time, and offers helpful advice on reducing exposure to harmful pollution and staying healthy.


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itai Rosenzweig
Itai Rosenzweig

Director of Sales & Strategic Alliances @BreezoMeter.