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What is the Air Quality in Paris, Place de la Nation?

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By Ran Korber on November, 20 2016

"To breathe Paris is to preserve the soul" - Victor Hugo

The French, and especially the Parisians, are increasingly concerned about air quality and climate pollution. And indeed, for the fourth consecutive year, air and climate pollution tops their concerns according to the annual survey of the Commission for Sustainable Development.

So let's measure air quality in order to better live together and effectively fight against pollution; that is the main purpose of BreezoMeter, a French-Israeli start-up and a partner of Cisco France on the Place de la Nation experiment in Paris.

BreezoMeter, which brings together environmental experts and data specialists, has developed a platform that can provide accurate air quality in real time. Thus, it is now possible to monitor the variations and dispersions of ambient air. To this is added a precise geolocation, which provides information in the desired format, from street scale to country scale, with a reliability of 80%. This analysis can be accessed directly by citizens, businesses and city halls via a smartphone app or from a computer.

It makes accessing this air quality data as easy as checking the weather forecast!

How does BreezoMeter's technology work?

BreezoMeter collects data continuously. The dispersion algorithms cross the air quality measurements of official observatories, meteorological measurements, and the data collected by the connected sensors. Altogether, the big data company is able to provide a detailed analysis of the air quality in over 300 million geographic data points.

Place de la Nation Ecosystem Place de la Nation Ecosystem

Why use air quality data?

Cities are increasingly engaged in the fight against all kinds of pollution. With the help of air quality measuring devices, cities can take effective and preventive measures to protect public health and the environment. Residents can use this information to minimize their exposure to polluted air, choose to take healthier routes, modify certain habits, protect the health of their families, avoid chronic diseases…

Who is using BreezoMeter's air quality?

BreezoMeter is already working with various cities, businesses and ecosystems involved in building the city of tomorrow. Real estate companies, for instance, are very interested in these new indicators that help appraise the value of properties more precisely. In a completely different field, doctors also pay attention to this data, which can help the, provide their patients with better diagnoses.

Today, there are more than 50 million people in the world who rely on data to make choices for their wellbeing (travel, accommodation...). The prospects of BreezoMeter are important, and the startup hopes its platform will eventually be used by more than 6 billion people.

In fact 92% of the world population lives in places where the air is saturated.

The innovative experiment of Place de la Nation: a comprehensive ecosystem of partners in the service of a global solution

The City of Paris is engaged in a process to become a smart and sustainable city. It launched Reinvent our Places, a project to renovate seven emblematic squares in order to upgrade the pedestrian public space.

For the success of this project, Cisco has been working with an ecosystem of partners of complementary fields that supply open data. BreezoMeter was selected as an expert on air quality analysis for Paris. The measurement is performed by an urban Libelium sensor network that is connected to the LoraWan architecture deployed by Cisco on hardened routers.

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** The original post appeared on Cisco's France website.

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