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Air Quality and Pollen Data for Consumer Health App - ALK Case Study

Idit Lowenstein
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Health is a major motivator for BreezoMeter, as our mission is to help improve the lives of billions of people around the world. Our partners have firsthand knowledge, technologies, and products that assist in that goal, and when coupled with integrated air quality and pollen data, are powerful and life-changing.

In this case study, brought to you jointly with global pharmaceutical company ALK, you'll see how providing a unique user experience in a consumer health app, in a format that is both intuitive and relevant, makes a positive difference in the lives of sensitive populations.

Who is ALK?

ALK is a global specialty pharmaceutical company focused on allergy and allergic asthma. It markets allergy immunotherapy treatments and other products and services for people with allergies, as well as for allergy doctors. Headquartered in Hørsholm, Denmark, ALK employs around 2,300 people worldwide and is listed on NASDAQ.

A young company with an old soul, was started as a consumer-focused start-up under the umbrella of parent company ALK. Together, their mission is to make life with allergies as simple and as limitless as possible.

Interested in additional case studies? Check our resource center - or we can suggest this one, about air purifier company Blueair, and their experience with improving their brand's value with an innovative air quality data integration., as part of ALK, has always understood the importance of communicating not just pollen information to their pollen-sensitive (allergic) users, but also the impact air pollution has on the health of this target demographic and others as well. With the Klara mobile app, ALK wants to empower people to better manage their allergies and health.

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As an expert in air quality and pollen data, BreezoMeter has the data and experience to help educate ALK’s user-base with relevant, i.e. real-time, location-based, information that could be intuitive, and informative. At the same time, ALK knew they could benefit from the increased user engagement and could provide additional resources to their users.

In order to provide the best data available, ALK partnered up with BreezoMeter. It can be a jungle to find valid and easy-to-understand pollen and air quality data as a user." --Louise Kristine Hjernø, Global Head of Digital Projects, Consumer Division, ALK.

The Consumer Healthcare Challenge: Air Pollution

Making air quality easily understandable and actionable is not easy. As such, runs ongoing tests of Klara with its users, to make sure they are providing understandable and actionable air quality data. Air pollution can have short and long term health effects on the respiratory system and allergies, as well as other systems, so it is important that people, especially those with respiratory sensitivities such as allergies and asthma, be aware of what is in the air they breathe. Moreover, it is understandable that users want to engage with an app that is constructive and helpful, providing tips on how to help improve health on an ongoing basis.

Air pollution is a sensitive topic. How can ALK educate their users about air quality and pollen without overwhelming them or invoking fear of air pollution?

In this case study, learn more:

  • How to stay educational and relevant without scaring your users.
  • How to make better connections with your customers.
  • What additional opportunities are available in the medical industry when it comes to patient condition management for allergies, asthma, COPD and other respiratory sensitivities.

Download the use case to discover the in-depth story of how ALK and benefit from BreezoMeter's Air Quality and Pollen data, all year round.ALK_CaseStudy_A

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