Air Pollution Maps: Users Love Them, Your Brand Needs Them

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Since air pollution affects everyone, more people are becoming curious about the air quality in their own cities, as well as places their friends and family call home.

That’s why our air pollution maps are becoming so popular. They allow users to take an overhead view of any city in the countries we cover, and see accurate, up to the hour pollution updates.

And not just for the whole city, but for each distinct neighborhood.

With our maps, users can track the air quality anywhere: on their own street, at the local park, during commute or in the neighborhood where they’re planning to book an Airbnb. This makes it a great feature for anyone wanting to protect themselves from this growing health concern, and an excellent tool for brands who want to capture their users curiosity about air quality.

And the good news? We just updated our air quality maps API to make integrations much easier:Get more information on our maps

Zoom-In on Air Quality in Any Neighborhood

Pollution maps are easy to use, and they’re having a huge impact on how consumers approach air pollution.

For each location, users can see a color coded map showing air quality levels all over the city. Maps can be implemented in an interactive way, so that clicking anywhere on the map will give the air quality - AQI, pollutants & their concentration, health recommendations - for that specific area, allowing your users to see how air quality differs from one spot to the next.

Analyzing users' behaviors on our interactive web map and our apps made us realize just how much users love comparing air quality around town, or even from city to city, zooming in and out, typing new locations or navigating on the map.

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The 1-100 quality scale is easy to follow, and works with a green, yellow, and red color system to let your users know whether the air is good, mid-range, or should be avoided.

With all these features, it’s easy to turn your app, webpage, and air quality products into a one-stop shop for your user’s pollution knowledge.

Grab Attention by Integrating Pollution Maps

Our air pollution maps are peaking the interest of users, who want to know about air quality both around the world and close to home. Brands looking to harness that curiosity can integrate BreezoMeter technology into a range of products.

Mobile Apps

This is the most common integration for our air pollution maps. Companies in the health & fitness industries, air purifiers brands, car makers & more see pollution maps as a way to make their apps more appealing and engaging.


The impact on apps? Increased daily usage, user retention & downloads.
The impact on products? Added product value, improved customer satisfaction & often sales.


24sec to 1.52 min:
Additional time users spend on apps using BreezoMeter outdoor air quality data


Dense traffic areas equal high pollution levels, and potential health issues for commuters. Pollution maps can be integrated into vehicle dashboard or screens, so drivers can see high pollution areas and avoid them. It can also be used to teach vehicles when to close windows and turn on A/C, protecting the driver and passengers.

Marketing Campaigns

Air pollution maps give brands a way to engage in meaningful conversations with potential buyers and current customers. Whether it's pollution-smart online ads, dynamic billboards showing current conditions, or targeted content about local pollution events, marketing can use air quality maps to raise awareness, prove the needs for their products and show urgency.


Partner ad agency reported a 30% increase in online ads Click Through Rate when using BreezoMeter air pollution data to trigger ads.


If you’re in the business of air quality solutions, having a live pollution map on your website can grab your visitor’s interest. Our pollution maps engage visitors right from your landing page by delivering up-close data on the places they’re curious about. It's an opportunity to increase web visits, time spent on site, returning users and referrals.

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Clean Air Itineraries & Safer Directions

Air quality maps work best when they help users avoid pollution and health problems. Our pollution maps can help your users avoid pollution and potential health problems by showing the cleanest places to spend their time.

For anyone planning an outdoor event, our color coded maps can help your users choose when and where to host, while helping you safeguard their health. Drivers looking for a safe route can rely on your brand to show the cleanest driving routes, avoiding potentially dangerous areas while they commute. Joggers can avoid areas with poor air quality. 

Smart Brands Tap In to Air Quality Curiosity

A growing number of consumers are curious about the air quality where they live, where their friends and family live, and where they’re planning to travel. Our air quality maps speak to your users, and help you engage with them. They offer your brand a way to interact with customers in a friendly, low-pressure setting, by giving them a fun and useful tool that’s adaptable to a wide range of products. 

Don't wait, many global brands and innovative companies have already integrated air quality maps, or are in process to: Get started with air pollution maps


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