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The Dynamic Nature of Fire Pollution

Uri Schechterman
Air pollution map NY

When we hear news of wildfires and even see smoke from our own vantage points, we know that there is a lot being released into the air, and likely most people know that this air pollution is hazardous to our health.What maybe fewer people are aware of, however, is what happens to the air after a wildfire and what that means for our health. To learn more about that, check out this post by BreezoMeter's Co-founder.

Another challenge is understanding how and where air pollution dissipates from its sources. We have heard over and over, from end-users and customers alike, that our real-time air quality maps makes understanding air pollution intuitive and easy.

It can be really interesting to see how air quality moves and changes over the course of a few days or even longer, and so we made some time-lapse videos of the latest California wildfires to demonstrate this phenomenon. While it is particularly clear in the event of a major catastrophe like a wildfire, what you see is also representative of what happens on a daily basis, but on a hopefully less extreme level.New call-to-actionWhen trying to understand air pollution, it is not just what is in the air, but specifically where it is, and we want to make sure that people can easily visualize the state of the air, so they can easily and intuitively make quick decisions.

 This video shows the August 2018 wildfires in the Sacramento, CA area.

 Air pollution in Thailand and Vietnam, in September, 2018.

What trails should we hike this this weekend? What route should I take on my commute? When should I take the dog on a walk? All of these questions are more healthfully answered when you have access to air quality data, and are even easier to answer when you can visualize the spatial distribution of air pollutants.

Here you can see the effects of the 2017 California wildfires, and how the pollution moves around.

Curious to see how your customers could see air pollution in real time? Ready to start the conversation about integrating the data into your product? It's a simple API that we are happy to demo for you, and even offer a free 14-day trial.

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