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After Super Bowl, 4th of July - Pollution Review

What do Super Bowl day and 4th of July have in common? Beyond social dynamics, these two highly important days in the American year come with a hidden impact. You've guessed it already: we're talking about pollution.

We wrote an article earlier this year about the Super Bowl & its impact on pollution. The interesting part? It's not solely the consequence of road traffic... Excerpt:

It’s not just traffic that causes air pollution, either.
A few years ago, a team of environmental scientists were flying over Southern California and Mexico when they made an unexpected discovery. As part of an effort to understand all of the factors that affect air pollution and climate change, the team was using a detector to measure the intensity of sunlight. They saw a brightly lit sports stadium in the distance, and, even though it was the middle of the night, one of the crew suggested turning the detector on to see what they they might learn.

Because an image is worth a thousand words, we're captured an evolutive heatmap of air pollution around Houston on 2017 Super Bowl night. You can read the post & see it live here.

As for 4th of July, the topic was recently covered by science writer Jacqueline Ronson on Inverse. Excerpt:

A 2015 study in Atmospheric Environment found a 42 percent average bump in PM2.5 across 315 U.S. air quality monitoring sites for the 24 hour period following July Fourth displays. At sites close to fireworks displays, the jump was 370 percent. At the worst sites, the air quality would have equivalent health consequences as smoking about four cigarettes. To put that in perspective, the worst air quality among all the U.S. monitoring sites on July Fourth was still only as bad as an average day in Beijing.

You can read the full article here.

Remember, you can always check air pollution in real-time, and at your precise location, using our app, or this link.

Have fun, stay safe & breathe easy!

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