4 Day Air Quality Forecasts: the Latest Advance in Pollution Data


We check the weather each day so we can be ready for what’s coming. But how do we prepare for air pollution before it comes?

With no way to predict air pollution, people have to wait until a pollution alerts arrives, and then react by using protective or purifying solutions. The problem is, some damage is already done by the time they can act. It’s like going outside and getting wet, just to find out you need an umbrella.

Which is why BreezoMeter launched the 4-Day Air Quality Forecasts, providing accurate pollution data up to 4 days in advance. Brands can now help protect their users before there’s an air quality problem, making themselves an indispensable part of their user’s health routines.   

How Can Your Brand Use Pollution Forecasts?

You’re Selling HVAC and Air Purifiers 

Customers who use your HVAC and air purifier products want to know two things: 

  • How to use your products
  • When to use your products

By integrating with BreezoMeter’s air quality forecasts, you can help users get the most from your products by alerting them ahead of a pollution incident, letting them know when to turn filters on or off, or to adjust the intake. You are also providing them meaningful information about when to go outside and when to close windows. They bought your products to live in a safer air environment, and outdoor pollution information helps them do just that.

You Market Fitness & Running Apps 

Whether you prefer to train outdoors or indoors, changing pollution levels can present a health hazard. With pollution forecasts, your brand can help everyone from athletes to casual runners plan their training schedules, so they can avoid pollution. When users know the pollution forecast days in advance, it’s easy to plan an indoor training session at your local gym, or workout at home with an air purifier on.

Pollution forecasts can also be used for mapping itineraries. Whether your users are running, biking, or even driving, a less-polluted route is always welcome.

You Have a Weather App

Weather and air pollution are closely connected. Provide daily pollution updates and notify users on upcoming pollution incidents along with the weather forecast. It can differentiate you from the competition and positively impact engagement, retention and satisfaction. Get ready for more 5 star reviews, and more downloads! 

You’re an Advertising Expert

In advertising, it pays to be timely. Thanks to social media and the huge rise of available data, real-time advertising is changing the way marketers reach consumers. The key is responding fast enough to reach consumers when they need your product most. With 4-day pollution forecasts, you can alert users on upcoming pollution problems well in advance, providing not only the urgency to purchase a solution, but also giving them enough time to react, and get to know your brand.

air quality in car dashboard - BreezoMeter.png

You’re in the Car Industry

You can already sync BreezoMeter data with your car app and dashboard. In addition to giving riders and passengers much appreciated information on pollution, you can go on step forward and connect car functions so that air filtration, A/C are turned on automatically during pollution events, and windows closed. By adding in pollution forecasts, cars can actually plan better, healthier routes for drivers, warning them about zones to avoid and offering the most pollution free itineraries. 

How Our Pollution Forecasts Work 

Accuracy Up to 4 Days Ahead

With our air quality forecasts, you’ll be able to get the same street level accuracy as our regular API, for any time within the next 4 days. All you do is tell us the time, date, and location (latitude and longitude) for where you want to know about, and we deliver the air quality forecast.

Forecast Feature - Paris.png

Anywhere You Need

Air quality can change a lot from one area to another, and it can also change several times a day. We deliver forecasts for specific locations in up to 67 countries, with at least a 500 meter precision.

A Range of Dates

You can get forecasts for a range of days in a selected area by choosing a start and end date on the calendar up to 4-days ahead. We give you accurate, hourly air quality forecasts that you can deliver to your customers, offering them peace of mind, and the ability to plan ahead to protect themselves against pollution.

Help Your Customers Plan Ahead for Pollution

We all want to know what’s coming, especially when it can have a negative effect on our health. Your users want an air quality brand that not only offers solutions to the air pollution problem, but also helps them understand it. A brand that can give pollution forecasts days in advance will be seen as a brand that cares about their customers, and has the right tools to keep them safe.

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