Air Purifier Companies, Start Here to Integrate Indoor Air Quality Data into Your Product

As part of the air purifier industry, you know how important air quality is for the health and well being of your customers. You care about what’s in the air they breathe. How can you rise above the competition by using indoor air quality data?

What if you could make their experience with your product even better, more informed, and more valuable with indoor air quality data?

As an air quality data company, we heard over and over from our customers how challenging it can be to communicate to end users when to and how to best use their air purifiers, and we’ve seen the benefits our clients have received from integrating indoor air quality data.

It is not always immediately obvious why or how integrating outdoor air quality in a device or app relating to indoor air quality can benefit your business, and that’s why we’ve prepared this free guide, specifically for you.

At BreezoMeter, our mission is to improve the lives of billions of people around the world. With your air purifiers, and our world-class, location-specific, real-time outdoor air quality data, people can reduce their exposure to the harmful effects of air pollution and make better, healthier decisions for themselves and their families.

A Sneak Peak: Benefit #3

Outdoor air quality changes the game for air purifiers and HVAC, by increasing post-purchase sales, by establishing product value, and encouraging proper use.

Get your customers buying more and getting more from each purchase. Provide the information and motivation for upsells.

More Reasons to Buy More

When consumers see and understand the surrounding air pollution levels in a comprehensive and intuitive way, they understand the importance of changing filters, scheduling maintenance, or even purchasing additional units or products for more rooms and locations.

Drive Word-of-Mouth Marketing, Reviews, & Referrals

Happy, healthy, & engaged consumer start an effective cycle of positive word-of-mouth content, online reviews, and referrals.

ebook on using indoor air quality data

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Amalia Helen
Amalia Helen

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