5 Things You Can Do With the BreezoMeter API Dashboard

Whether you’re an existing customer or a business interested in trying out BreezoMeter’s environmental APIs, our dedicated Dashboard provides access to all the key and product feature information you need.

1. Gain Access to All BreezoMeter API Products (Depending on Plan)

All our API products – Air Quality, Pollen, Wildfires & Heatmap Overlay – can be accessed and managed through the dashboard. Trial users receive access to all APIs for a limited period, while customers’ API access will be based according to their individual plans. If you’re an existing customer, you can check your current access in the settings section of the dashboard.

2. Generate & Manage API Keys

The BreezoMeter dashboard provides access to all API key information you need – and offers the ability to create and manage new keys if you’re a paying customer.

3. Monitor your API Usage

We offer a handy usage report so you can monitor the total number of objects and tiles served for individual keys.

4. Keep Track of your Plan’s Expiry Date

If you’re a trial user, we’ll keep you up to date on your trial status so you know how long you have left to test our APIs. Customers will see their current plan and expiry date information.

5. Learn More about Our API Products & Use Cases

You’ll find helpful information for each of our API product features, alongside helpful links to the correct documentation source, and use cases for each API, all based on real-world scenarios.

Get Started with BreezoMeter’s API Dashboard

Not Yet a User? – Get Started

If you’re just looking to try out the APIs for your business, you can sign up for free right here.

Advice for Existing Customers

If you’re an existing customer and don’t currently have access to the dashboard, please contact your account manager who will set you up with the correct details. 

Early Access to New Products!

We are currently in the process of rolling out new product offerings to existing customers. If you’re interested in learning more – please contact your account manager directly.

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Amit Lesman
Amit Lesman

Director of B2B products at BreezoMeter. I define the B2B product vision & roadmap based on market needs while connecting the dots for different stakeholders, creating mockups and designs with the UX/UI teams, writing specs, (business & technical), and finally leading dev teams to the right execution. Can it get more fascinating than that?