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Weather & Climate Change

How Weather Apps will Change in 2022

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By Amalia Helen on January, 18 2022
Weather Apps

As extreme weather events increase in frequency as a result of climate change, providers of weather information are increasingly expected to function like ‘news’ agencies or ‘alert’ systems for any environmental event.

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Why We Now Expect More From Weather Apps

As smartphones enable easier & faster access to information than ever before, real-time and on-the-go weather reports have become a basic standard for most people.

In the post-pandemic world, people care far more about health and the environmental impact on it. As a result, consumer demand for effective wellness tools that empower actionable decision-making has exploded.  As environmental reporting methods improve and an increased emphasis gets placed on the impact of environmental exposure on a person’s wellbeing, personalized health-focused environmental insights have become a hot commodity.

The Importance of Showing the Full Environmental Picture

The interplay between environmental factors is also becoming more and more important.

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 If a weather app reports sunny and dry conditions but fails to take account of a wildfire and poor air quality near the user’s location, consumers are increasingly starting to perceive this lack of environmental context as a problem.

The New Minimum Weather App Checklist

Weather apps today are expected to provide a more complete environmental picture to, at the very least, rival growing competition. Features like real-time air quality reporting, pollen risk assessments, and wildfire alerts, provided alongside dynamic, visualized methods, are all now features leading weather apps are rushing to adopt.


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