Live Wildfire Tracking

Are Wildfires Getting Worse Due to Climate Change?

The increasing rate and intensity of global wildfires so far in 2022 make the correlation between climate change and fires all the more apparent. But correlation doesn’t always equal causation. So are wildfires getting worse due to climate change? Let’s…

Southeast Asia Smoke Haze

Southeast Asia Smoke Haze: Causes & Solutions

Smoke haze impacts multiple countries across Southeast Asia every year, affecting agriculture, economy, and health to such a degree it’s become known as the ‘Asian haze’ phenomenon and created major public outcry for better air quality management solutions. Let’s dive…

Fire Tornado

Firenado: Why Spinning Fire is a Recipe for Disaster

Although fire tornados are not a new phenomenon, we’ve been seeing them more frequently the last few years. Is climate change making ‘firenados’ more likely? Can climate resilience technology help businesses protect people and property from such devastating wildfire events?…