Weather & Climate Change

How Weather Apps will Change in 2022

As extreme weather events increase in frequency as a result of climate change, providers of weather information are increasingly expected to function like ‘news’ agencies or ‘alert’ systems for any environmental event. Why We Now Expect More From Weather Apps…

Weather API Solution

How to Choose the best Weather API

Whether you’re building an app, looking to add weather data to your software platform, or looking to develop a connected product, you may have different needs and requirements from a Weather API. We’ve put together this guide to help you…

BreezoMeter Teams Up with Leading Meteorologists

BreezoMeter is set to join leading meteorologists for an exclusive event on December 1st. This amazing panel of guests will provide insights on the relationship between climate change and our health – and explore the allergy season outlook for 2022.

Extreme Weather Increases Ingredient Prices For Thanksgiving

Weather & the Cost of Your Thanksgiving Dinner

According to the Farm Bureau, this year’s Thanksgiving dinner could cost you around 5% higher than last year’s, due in part to the weather. While that may not sound like a significant increase, if you start to break things down…