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Topic: Automotive Smart Mobility

No Longer 'Just' a Car? Automotive Leaders Add New Layers of Digital Experience
By Itai Rosenzweig on October 28, 2021

We're excited to share our dedicated new guide for automotive professionals! It covers the unique ways automotive brands are leveraging...

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Tata Motors and TMETC Engage BreezoMeter in Mission to Enhance the Future of In-Cabin Pollution Management
By Itai Rosenzweig on August 13, 2020

Three businesses within the Tata Group have entered into a partnership with air quality data specialists BreezoMeter, allowing drivers to make...

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Air Quality Control in Cars & Disrupting the Automotive Sector
By Daniel Elkabetz on November 14, 2019

It’s no secret that traffic has a huge impact on air quality; the World Health Organization estimates that road transport is responsible for up to...

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Could Car Pollution Reduction in NYC’s Central Park Impact NYC’s Air Quality?
By Ran Korber on May 14, 2018

It was recently announced that Central Park, in the heart of New York City, will be closing its roads to cars and traffic in favor of making the park...

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HELLA & BreezoMeter Introduce: Air Quality Management System for Vehicles
By Itai Rosenzweig on September 20, 2017

Inner-cabin pollution levels during rush-hour can be twice as high as the ambient air¹, in fact car pasesengers face worst air quality than cyclist &...

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What’s the Impact of Traffic on Air Pollution & How to Map it Better?
By Ran Korber on August 8, 2017

Air pollution takes more than 7 million lives each year, and 200 000 in the United States alone. With traffic being one of the leading causes of...

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Air Quality in Cars Driving Buyer Demand for Better Data
By Itai Rosenzweig on April 6, 2017

Air quality in our cities and roadways is a growing concern for both car drivers and passengers. In a London study, the Healthy Air Campaign found...

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Tesla: Self-driving, Safe-breathing?
By Ran Korber on December 15, 2016

Is all you want for Christmas a Tesla?

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