Air Pollution Science

Nitrogen Dioxide Pollution

What is Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)?

When it comes to air pollution, Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) is not only one of the biggest health hazards for our environment, but it’s also one of the main contributors to urban smog. But what is NO2 exactly and what can…

Clean Air Day Image With BreezoMeter

What Is Your Business Doing For Clean Air Day?

Clean Air Day brings together different communities, businesses, educational institutes, and health sector facilities to participate in the largest air pollution campaign in the UK, which suffers from an estimated 36,000 air pollution-linked deaths every year.

Earth Burning With Wildfires And Active Fires

Why You Should Care About The Latest IPCC Report

We’re already experiencing the impact of climate change across the world; now an update from the IPCC suggests weather extremes could become the norm in the near future. Here we explore the latest IPCC information about climate change and explain…

Southeast Asia Smoke Haze

Southeast Asia Smoke Haze: Causes & Solutions

Smoke haze impacts multiple countries across Southeast Asia every year, affecting agriculture, economy, and health to such a degree it’s become known as the ‘Asian haze’ phenomenon and created major public outcry for better air quality management solutions. Let’s dive…