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Topic: Air Pollution Info

Better Than Expected? Air Quality Forecast for MWC 2018 Barcelona
By Ran Korber on February 26, 2018

You're heading to MWC 2018 in Barcelona this week, to see the latest gadgets, trends, and tech, and just like the weather, you remember to check the...

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Catchup: Improving Real-Time Air Quality Data Reporting
By Shaked Katzir on February 22, 2018

There are some very real challenges when providing real-time data. Among them, making sure that it stays relevant and real-time. Over time, real-time...

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Air Pollution Map of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics
By Ran Korber on February 20, 2018

Leading up to the start of the 2018 Winter Olympic games in Pyeongchang, officials have taken note of the problematic air pollution levels, and have...

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Indian Businesses Use Air Quality API
By Daniel Elkabetz on December 11, 2017

It has been making headlines that the air pollution in India is bad. It is to the point that it is a national emergency. Despite smoggy days hitting...

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Our Air Pollution Map API, Upgraded: Faster & Easier to Work With
By Ohad Zadok on November 23, 2017

Air quality is constantly changing, and our air pollution map is changing with it.

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Top Influencers in London Battling Air Pollution
By Idit Lowenstein on November 21, 2017

As more businesses are looking for new ways to increase user engagement and make a positive impact on their users’ lives, more brands are coming to...

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Love & Air Pollution - Are governmental monitoring stations enough?
By Daniel Elkabetz on November 14, 2017

Love is in the air - but that's not all.

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[Video] BreezoMeter Awarded at Singularity University GGC 2017 
By Ziv Lautman on September 6, 2017

Most companies would be rather happy to get an award from Singularity University, as part of the Global Grand Challenge.

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