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The Science Behind Environmental Data: Your Questions Answered

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By Amalia Helen on July, 18 2019

As a leading environmental data company, we get a lot of questions about the information we provide at BreezoMeter and the sources we use to do it.

Our mission and end goal has always been to reduce the public’s exposure to dangerous air pollutants and arm people with the resources necessary to protect themselves from pollution.

In order to do this successfully, the whole field of air quality needs to be made clearer.  We want everyone to understand the science behind what we do. 

BreezoMeter Answers Questions From the Public

To put our money where our mouth is, our Chief Scientist, Dr Gabriela Adler, gave her time this week to host a one-off, live, environmental data science webinar.

More than 150 people registered for our live Q&A Webinar and put their questions to Dr Adler.

Here are some examples of the topics we covered:


  1. What exactly is air pollution & why is it so important we learn more about it?

  2. What are the challenges involved in monitoring environmental data?

  3. How does BreezoMeter use different sources of data to predict air pollution when there is no sensor available?

  4. What are the most accurate sources for air pollution monitoring? 

Guide to Environmental Data

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