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8 Facts About BreezoMeter, Leader in Air Quality Data [Infographic]

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By Ziv Lautman on June, 21 2017
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Could 2017 be the year of air quality?
About six months in, we’ve seen more interest from the press, brands, scientists, & individuals than ever before. Smartphones, cars and homes are all getting equipped with connected sensors, often enhanced with external data. And so BreezoMeter’s hyperlocal & global air quality data is reaching new heights.

 #1 Global Coverage

- After all, 92% of the world population lives in polluted areas -

We’ve more than doubled our country coverage over the last year, and are now covering most of Europe, North America & Asia. Following a series of internal improvements, we’re now able to add new countries in a matter of days.

Combined with an intuitive API designed for global brands, it’s easier than ever to deploy and launch air quality data in your target markets. 

#2 Data Resolution Matters

Our global coverage would mean nothing if we didn’t have hyperlocal data.
You can read all about it in this post.

#3 Features that Make an Impact

4-day air pollution forecasting means it’s now possible to build apps, tools & websites that help users plan their days to avoid excessive pollution. It’s now possible to manufacture smart products - think air purifiers, home ventilation, car filtration - that take into account future pollution levels to adapt current behaviors.

Pollen (from trees, grass & weeds) & highly visual maps are just some of the environmental data features we offer.

#4 Pollutants Types

We monitor all the pollutants needed to calculate the 39 national Air Quality Indexes that are part of our air pollution API services, including ozone, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and particulate matter. In addition to giving you their names and descriptions, we also offer concentrations, dominant pollutants, causes & effects.

#5 All about innovation

Israel, the startup nation, & San Francisco, in the Silicon Valley. Our office locations match our commitment to innovation & state-of-the-art technology.

#6 Leveraging the Cloud

Thanks to the cloud and GCP, we’re performing complex operations every hour, and ensure we provide matchless qualify of data. Learn more in this case study by Google

By using sophisticated algorithms to calculate air pollution, BreezoMeter has quickly established itself as the world leader in hyper-local air quality data.

#7 Recognition & Support From Top Players

The White House, the United Nations, but also Barclays & the Unreasonable Group, Cleantech group and Plug&Play Silicon Valley all participate in our growth and success.

#8 In Conclusion

BreezoMeter is the leading provider of air pollution data. We’re helping global brands, like Dyson, L’Oreal, Dermalogica, Mann+Hummel, Eureka Forbes and other innovative companies make an impact and improve their businesses.

Learn more or get started with BreezoMeter Air Quality Services

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