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Forecasts & Pollen: New Air Quality Products

Emil Fisher

Have you ever had one of those days when you feel enormous pride (and some anxiety): Announcing your promotion, the birth of a baby, a new business or - in our case - two new products? We at BreezoMeter prepared for this day for many months. Coding into the night. Unlimited phone calls with partners and customers to make sure we built the right thing. Finding bugs. Starting all over again. You know . . . the usual product development phase.

Today, I’m very excited to present two new products that have joined the BreezoMeter family:

  1. Air quality forecasting (up to 4 days)
  2. Accurate pollen data

These two breakthrough products are designed to give our customers the most accurate picture possible of air pollution. The products are driven by our proprietary dispersion algorithms and cutting-edge technology.

We can now provide air-quality data up to four days in advance, giving consumers, businesses, and cities early warning to prepare for pollution events or to plan a day outdoors in the fresh air. By adding pollen dispersion to our air quality data, BreezoMeter provides real-time pollen patterns in sync with its pollution information to create the most comprehensive report of air quality available.

4-day Air Quality Forecasting

While making precise predictions about the weather is difficult, accurately forecasting air quality levels is even more complicated. Air quality is governed by complex dynamics and factors such as traffic, local emissions, and weather . . . meaning air quality within one region can change several times a day. With 4-day forecasts now available through BreezoMeter’s API, companies can easily cut through the clutter and give their customers prompt, actionable recommendations. Use case examples include:

  1. Recommending fitness wearables.
  2. Alerts for outdoor training when the forecast suggests fresh air.
  3. Cosmetic companies offering advice, in advance, about which beauty products to use (and which to avoid) during high pollution events.
  4. Air purifiers that automatically start before pollution levels rise.

Where does air pollution stand in terms of annual deaths? Air pollution has surpassed malaria, car accidents, and HIV, combined. It’s a huge global issue affecting everyone, and until now, consumers didn’t have access to real-time, accurate air-quality data. Our goal is to standardize air-quality data. To put this pollution information into the hands of the consumer. Now, with our predictive forecasting technology, you can check air quality for the next few days as easily as you would check the weather.

Pollen Dispersion Data

In addition to air quality forecasting, we also added pollen dispersion data to our API. What an honor to be the first company in the world to provide accurate pollen data. We are currently launching the pollen data in Japan, with Europe and the U.S. to follow in early 2017.

Pollen data has its own scale based on different pollen types that vary from country to country and between seasons. Use cases for pollen dispersion include consumers checking pollen data in their mobile health Apps to determine preventive measures or alternate routes for the day.

Would you liked to learn more about pollen data and how pollen data can be a game changer for businesses. Check out this report by Scientia, to find out more:

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Lastly, I would like to thank the BreezoMeter team for their great work and support on this enormous effort. It’s beautiful to see that when you have such a bold goal as improving the health of billions of people around the world, everyone pushes the limits.


P.S. We’ll be publishing more about 4-day forecasts and pollen dispersion data soon.  In the meantime, you can leave your contact details here and an air quality specialist will get back to you shortly.


And don’t forget to check out our latest product videos:


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