BreezoMeter Adds Enhanced Fire Tracking!

To significantly amplify our current fire spotting capabilities, we have just released our Enhanced Fire Tracking feature. While we continue to track & monitor wildfire progressions in real-time from the very early stages of fire indication, now we can spot those wildfires even earlier. This new early tracking and monitoring of wildfires can help reduce affected areas and improve our ability to save lives and protect property.

Wildfires – A Global Concern

Are wildfires more prevalent today than in the past? While scientists explain that they are driven by extreme heat, droughts, and the growing threat of climate change, wildfires have become increasingly far-reaching, frequent, and fierce. Wildfire tracking is critical to saving the livelihoods, homes, infrastructure, and the environment of the global citizens of the world.   

Just by looking at the first half of 2022, we can see how extensive wildfires are – no doubt a burning and global issue. The best way to minimize the damage is to spot these fires at their earlier stages when they are easier to control and extinguish. Once ignited, a fire can spread at speeds of up to around 14 mph – that’s about 2.3 miles every 10 minutes!1  Communities located in surrounding vicinities need earlier wildfire tracking to enable expedited protection and action.  

How Does Our Enhanced Fire Spotting Work?

Enhanced Fire Tracking analyzes various data layers to track wildfires at their earlier stages. Using Enhanced Fire Tracking, we can track each wildfire instance and reduce the risks faced by the surrounding population by locating the exact location of the wildfire at its early stages, and providing continual tracking information until it is extinguished. For example, let’s say an existing wildfire has been identified. We begin collecting the data on the fire early on so that by the time it has expanded, BreezoMeter’s Wildfire Tracker+ can validate the correct properties of the fire, trace its moving perimeters, and enrich specific wildfire information with the most trusted data sources enabling end-consumers and organizations to access wildfire knowledge based on the highest available standards.

Using the Enhanced Fire Tracking capability ensures that validated and enriched wildfire information is provided at earlier stages. We are currently focusing efforts on wildfires in the regions of the U.S. and Canada. This new capability allows organizations, companies, and emergency services to make wiser decisions earlier on before the fire grows and evolves on a larger scale. Wildfire Tracker+ draws the contour of the wildfire, based on its live location, and validates any new data point that is being recorded from boots-on-the-ground teams, providing a clear visual indication of the wildfire’s location, perimeter, and current status.

Who Uses Enhanced Fire Tracking?

Earlier detection has been requested by all organizations and businesses seeking a single and reliable source of wildfire information. Reliable wildfire information validates its inputs and checks its data using a wide variety of sources to ensure accuracy with every alert. For example, mapping apps benefit by receiving earlier alerts giving them a better chance to alert their audiences, giving them more time to prepare and keep their users safe. Utility companies need early indications of wildfire events to secure their equipment and infrastructure in order to activate the relevant protocol of evacuation, back-office preparations, downtime management, recovery plans preparations, and reputation.

As wildfire season gets longer and wildfires and burnt areas grow in size throughout the globe, BreezoMeter aims to provide businesses and people with the relevant data and insights to help them cope with the environmental hazards and climate events we face.

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Peleg Amon
Peleg Amon

Crisis Management Product Manager at BreezoMeter. Contact me at for any queries relating to our Wildfire Tracker+ product features.