Dermalogica Charms Customers & the Media with Skin Pollution Index

To ensure the successful launch of their new daily superfoliant product, Dermalogica teamed up with BreezoMeter to create a dedicated skin pollution index and educational media campaign around air pollution.

Read the Dermalogica Case Study

Download our dedicated case study to learn how Dermalogica created an interactive skin pollution index using air quality data from BreezoMeter.

  1. Hit #1 on Google with an interactive website designed to give users air quality readings specific to their location, in addition to personalized skincare recommendations.
  2. Gained international media coverage for their anti-pollution skincare campaign, and gained huge attention around the launch of their new anti-pollution skincare product.
  3. Delivered personalized air quality insights to ensure continued brand engagement, beyond the daily usage of their skincare products.

We partnered with BreezoMeter for their unparalleled accuracy of data, ability to scale globally, and use simple-to-use API”

Air Quality Data for Skincare Products

Beauty brands and skincare companies can raise consumer awareness about the harms of air pollution for the skin, and offer solutions to counter the adverse effects of the problem. As air quality awareness increases in response to COVID-19, worsening wildfires and increased education, the demand for pollution-proof beauty solutions has never been higher.

Dermalogica Case Study
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Amalia Helen
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