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National Clean Air Day or World Air Day?

Today, June 15, is National Clean Air Day in the United Kingdom. At least, this is what the charity Global Action Plan and several other forces are trying to institute. 

Why a National Clean Air Day

Air Pollution Fact Areas.pngAir pollution is the 21st century biggest health emergency. More people die of air pollution than malaria, HIV & car accidents combined. While developing countries tend to be the most affected, the entire world is concerned by this danger. Including the United Kingdom. 

The video below shows 24h of air pollution in London, as monitored by BreezoMeter air quality analytics last December, while this article explains the air pollution issue in the capital. 


Defining a day, on a national or global scale, centered around air pollution aims at raising awareness, educating the population, finding solutions and changing mentalities.

As the National Clean Air Day website puts it:

It’s a chance to find out more about air pollution, share information with your friends and colleagues, and take action to make the air cleaner and healthier for everyone.

How About a World Air Day

The efforts to establish a Clean Air Day are very positive. Yet, pollution has no boundaries, and impacts (almost) all of us. So why limit this day to the United Kingdom? 

Air Pollution Fact Deaths.png

BreezoMeter is joining forces with the World Allergy Organization, BlueAir, the Allergy & Asthma Network, as well as the GAAPP to create a World Air Day. We hope people from the UK and beyond will participate in this global action and sign the petition. 

Free Dynamic Air Quality Map: Check Pollution Around You

BreezoMeter is the leading provider of air quality data & analytics. As part of our mission to improve global health, we offer a free interactive pollution map on our website: Explore the pollution levels in different areas of the world. 

Learn more or get started with BreezoMeter Air Quality Services



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