BreezoMeter won the StartUp Open Israel competition

Startup Open, a featured event of Global Entrepreneurship Week, is a global competition to identify and recognize startup companies founded between GEW 2013 and GEW 2014. It is open to any entrepreneurs who have just started, or are about to start, a new venture and have a “startup moment” between November 25, 2013, and November 16, 2014.

BreezoMeter 1st Startup Open Competition

“The Israeli winner of the competition, BreezoMeter, ran in the finals in front of six other companies, and will automatically enter the list of the World’s Top 50 Most Promising Startups, also known as the GEW50 There he will compete on the global package of the competition prizes. He will also receive a business and strategic Consulting and get the opportunity to present his products to the international community during Global Entrepreneurship week in November 2014..”

BreezoMeter was invented to make air pollution visible. Using real time big data analysis BreezoMeter presents air quality information at street level resolution…”

” According to Ran Korber (CEO) and Emil Fisher (CTO): “A real victory for BreezoMeter will be when people check air quality at their location like they check the weather. BreezoMeter just launched its wearable compatible App to enable users to monitor air quality around them in real time. And we are in discussions with major companies and other vertical markets to integrate BreezoMeter technology into their offerings.”

The article first appeared in Yahoo.


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