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BreezoMeter Provides Air Quality Data in New Dyson Air Purifier App

Shahar Polak

Breezometer is now providing real-time air quality data to Dyson's new Pure Cool Link Air Purifier.

Dyson's new air purifiers will inform consumers of the air quality in their homes, automatically helping purify pollutants from the air, and displaying which pollutants it detects via its embedded sensor.

BreezoMeter’s hyperlocal air pollution data will be used to offer users live access to outdoor air quality data right in their smartphone. The IoT app will allow consumers to control their air purifier remotely, check current and past indoor air quality data, and real-time outdoor pollution along with the main pollutant.

By providing outdoor air quality data, Dyson not only helps protect consumers when they're at home, but also when they're outside thanks to actionable air quality data.

Dyson air purifier app with outdoor air quality data from BreezoMeter

The Pure Cool™ Link purifier is designed to capture small particles – including pollen and bacteria ­– and to a certain extent to trap odors and harmful toxins, such as paint fumes. The purifier will be complemented by the Dyson Link App ­– developed for iOS and Android – which will allow users to monitor the indoor and outdoor air quality, as well as remotely set and reset the air purifier as air quality levels change. The app also enables users to keep track of air quality history and peak pollution times – for example, during allergy seasons or when cleaning or cooking. Auto-mode allows the purifier to automatically react to the monitored air quality.

BreezoMeter’s outdoor air quality readings will help users stay on top of the air quality levels in all areas that are part of their day-to-day lives.

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