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BreezoMeter Named Cleantech Top 100 Company

Julie Ach

Driving sustainable innovation is one of our goals here at BreezoMeter, and by providing highly accurate, real-time, location-based air quality and pollen data, we help companies innovate and help their end users live healthier lives.

It's a big goal, and so it is no doubt with pride, that we can share that we have again been named a Top 100 Global Cleantech Company in 2019 by the Cleantech Group.

The Global Cleantech 100 is an annual guide to the leading companies and themes in sustainable innovation. It features the private, independent, for-profit companies best positioned to solve tomorrow’s clean technology challenges. This year marks the 10th edition of the list.

“It's a great achievement being named in the prestigious Global Cleantech 100, for the 2nd time. We are so honored that BreezoMeter is helping making air pollution and pollen data more accessible to users around the world, in major cities and smaller rural areas alike. The health concerns corresponding to poor air quality are far reaching, and we believe that through our data, people will be able to live healthier lives, regardless where they live. Air pollution is not a global challenge that can or will be solved overnight, but we are doing our part to help businesses, governments, and individuals take control of the air they breathe. We’re honored to be featured for our work on making an often invisible problem visible,” said Ran Korber, CEO and Co-founder of BreezoMeter.           

This year, 13,900 companies from 93 countries were nominated. The list of Top 100 Cleantech Companies were selected based on Cleantech Group’s research data with qualitative judgements from nominations and insight from a global 87-member expert panel comprised of leading investors and experts from corporations and industrials active in technology and innovation scouting. From pioneers and veterans to new entrants, the expert panel broadly represents the global cleantech community and results in a list with a powerful base of respect and support from many important players within the cleantech innovation ecosystem. The list is sponsored by Chubb.

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“Our tenth edition is dominated by innovations for the future of food and mobility, and a decentralized and digitized future not only for energy, but for the industrial world more generally,said Richard Youngman, CEO, Cleantech Group. “This is a far cry from the dominance of hardware, solar and biofuels in the inaugural Global Cleantech 100 in 2009.”

The complete list of 100 companies was revealed at the 17th annual Cleantech Forum San Francisco. As part of the Forum, BreezoMeter participated in an interactive, panel discussion, entitled "Not Just Cleaner But Healthier: A Rising Trend to Keep an Eye On."

BreezoMeter Cleantech 100 List Panel SessionImage: BreezoMeter's Amit Safir, left, with other members of the panel.

The panel discussion focused on the emerging trends over the last 1-2 years, namely, the intersect of health with the clean technology theme. In Europe, for example, utilities (like Centrica) are taking an interest in e-health services as they look to come up with new services for a utility of the future serving ageing populations. We also see this trend through offerings from solution providers. Health is a core benefit of air quality service providers. Comfort and well-being, not just energy efficiency, are benefits increasingly being feature from providers. These trends were explored in the panel discussion by BreezoMeter and other solution providers.

Cleantech Top 100 Companies 2019Image: 2019 Global Cleantech Top 100 Companies with their awards at the 17th Cleantech Forum in San Francisco, CA

Thank you, @Cleantech Group, for helping to support and recognize BreezoMeter's mission to improve the health of billions of people worldwide.

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Has your company thought about what it could gain from integrating air quality data into your products? 

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