BreezoMeter is a Top 5% Startup According to Early Metrics!

For the first time, BreezoMeter has made its way onto a global ranking of 3000 startups worldwide. Further, we are rated as among the top 5% with a score of 91-95/100 by Early Metrics based on our solid market expertise, current positive traction and level of inhouse-technical skill and knowledge.

Early Metrics is one of the leading private rating agencies in the world and is a well-known independent when it comes to evaluating the potential of startups and SMEs.

In their own words, to be ranked among their top 5% is:

 “A positive signal of maturity and indicates that a company is well regarded both by commercial partners and investors”.

Importantly, the Early Metrics board is composed of impartial strategic and scientific advisors with expertise across the fields of entrepreneurship, innovation, investment and more. In forming their ranking, they adopt a rigorous scientific and objective approach and maintain no direct links or ties to the companies they evaluate.

In response to the news from Early Metrics, Ran Korber, CEO at BreezoMeter said,

“We have known about the Early Metrics list for some time and are delighted to now receive this incredible backing for our work and current direction of travel.

As more and more studies expose links between air pollution & Coronavirus, we’ve experienced a sharp rise in engagement as well as increased demand for accurate air quality information over the last few months. As pollen season and wildfire season introduce new environmental dangers for respiratory disease sufferers, we believe this increased focus on the air we breathe will continue over the next weeks, months and years”

BreezoMeter’s recognition from Early Metrics comes just a month after receiving positive endorsement from the chairman of the Red Herring Top 100 list, who stated:

This is the time to invest in companies like BreezoMeter” and that our “value grow as awareness of the awful personal cost of air pollution continues to mount.”

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Amalia Helen
Amalia Helen

Content Lead @BreezoMeter. Passionate about environmental issues and the power of IoT, big data and connected technologies to solve the big problems of our day. Drop me a line by email or connect on LinkedIn.