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Breath - Of Fresh Air: The air quality widget you've been looking for

We always say "one key, endless opportunities", meaning the key to our air quality API holds endless opportunities for private developers and companies. Liron Vaizer, a software developer, is a great example for a use case to BreezoMeter's air quality data. Liron developed a beautiful and cool app, that also comes with a widget, to check air quality at your specific location, together with health recommendations and even the dominant pollutant in the air.

Breathe App Breathe App Widget for Android

Here's the app description from Google Play:

Breath gives you the real-time air quality meter, beautifully designed and easy to use, you can be aware of the air quality around you and in places you are about to visit.
Breath enables you to:
★ Choose a route with better air quality to do sport activities
★ Let your children play in playground with cleaner air
★ Look for an apartment with the best air quality to live in
★ Find a route with clean air to your daily job
And much more...

Just place the widget on your home screen.

We deliver to you the air quality in a comfortable and easy way.
Breath provide:
• The air quality at your current location
• The air quality in locations you about to visit
• Get alerts for drastic changes of the air quality
• Track the air quality you were exposed to (coming soon)

Think you can also develop something AMAZING with air quality data? Check out what out API has to offer.



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