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Shaked Katzir

Ms. Shaked Friedman has a B.Sc from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, and has been an Environmental Engineer on the Research and Development Team at BreezoMeter since 2014.
How Air Pollution Moves Between Countries
By Shaked Katzir on February 25, 2020

You probably already know that local weather is greatly affected by meteorological changes on larger scales, such as fronts and jet streams. However,...

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BreezoMeter's Continuous Accuracy Testing for Reliable Air Quality Data
By Shaked Katzir on June 7, 2018

BreezoMeter’s Algorithm Team explains how the accuracy of our computational air quality model is continuously tested and examined for error. Learn...

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Catchup: Improving Real-Time Air Quality Data Reporting
By Shaked Katzir on February 22, 2018

There are some very real challenges when providing real-time data. Among them, making sure that it stays relevant and real-time. Over time, real-time...

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