Ran Korber

Ran Korber

CEO & Co-founder at @BreezoMeter. My burning ambition is to improve the health and quality of life for billions of people across the globe by providing accurate and actionable air quality data. As co-founder and CEO at BreezoMeter, I'm proud to be able to work towards bringing my dream to fruition each day.

Skin, Air Pollution & Beauty

Look out sun; you have some competition. At one time, the sun was known as the main danger to the skin, but this designation can now be shared with air pollution. Let’s explore the effects of pollution on skin, and…

Tesla: Self-driving, Safe-breathing?

Is all you want for Christmas a Tesla? Many think this smart car should be classified into a not-yet created category of “genius” car within the mobility industry. How is Tesla shaping the mobility market? We’ll look into two of…

Air Pollution VS Green Spaces

Thanksgiving, Air Pollution & Agriculture

Thanksgiving was originally introduced to celebrate the harvest. As we gather around the table this Thanksgiving, we should be thankful to the success of modern agriculture enabling most of the US population to eat a wide variety of delicious dishes.…