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Natalie Freudmann

I get excited delving into the unique value BreezoMeter customers get from using BreezoMeter's highly actionable environmental intelligence and how our joint solutions ultimately improve the lives of millions of people worldwide exposed to environmental hazards. Reach out any time via email or connect directly on LinkedIn.
BreezoMeter & Airthings Uncover the Worst US Cities for Asthma Sufferers in 2021
By Natalie Freudmann on June 28, 2022

We are excited to officially share our latest report in partnership with the indoor air monitoring experts, Airthings! Based on surveys and our own...

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Addressing Gaps in Asthma Care: BreezoMeter Talks to my mhealth
By Natalie Freudmann on May 3, 2022

Just in time for World Asthma Day, we sat down with my mhealth’s Rehabilitation and Engagement Lead Jane Stokes to learn how the company’s digital...

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Prose & BreezoMeter Partner to Develop Personalized Hair Products Based on Environment
By Natalie Freudmann on March 24, 2022

We are happy to announce our new partnership with beauty-tech brand, Prose. Prose’s proprietary online consultation will take into consideration...

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