Amalia Helen

Amalia Helen

Content Lead @BreezoMeter. Passionate about environmental issues and the power of IoT, big data and connected technologies to solve the big problems of our day. Drop me a line by email or connect on LinkedIn.
Sports watch air quality monitoring

Why Sports Apps + Watches Need Air Quality Data

Regular exercise offers tremendous health benefits, but working out in poor air quality can put anyone from professional athletes to the average jogger at risk of performance and health impact. By integrating actionable environmental insights into their connected app experiences,…

Cowboy Cleaner Route Planning

Cowboy & BreezoMeter Make e-bike Trips Healthier Together

Can the right information make our daily commuting journeys healthier? eBike innovators Cowboy partnered with BreezoMeter to achieve exactly this. With the launch of their Cleanest Route app feature, Cowboy addresses rising air quality awareness and desire for healthier commuting…

air quality weather app

5 Ways a Weather API Could Benefit Your Business

Rising climate unpredictability means actionable weather intelligence is increasingly becoming a ‘must have’ for companies looking to position themselves as environmentally aware and consumer-friendly. The right Weather API can enable all types of businesses to add value to their offerings…

Environmental Data App Breezometer

Driving Business Growth with Environmental Data

What can companies do with new forms of actionable environmental data and what genuine value can it bring? We discuss how leveraging environmental data as a business creates major opportunities for growth, keeping brands top of mind for consumers, and…

Clean Air Day Image With BreezoMeter

What Is Your Business Doing For Clean Air Day?

Clean Air Day brings together different communities, businesses, educational institutes, and health sector facilities to participate in the largest air pollution campaign in the UK, which suffers from an estimated 36,000 air pollution-linked deaths every year.